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Davis Cup

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Welcome to the ITST Davis Cup! The best players of each country will battle it out to see which nation is best!

Each Davis Cup team consists of max. 5 players with 1 team captain. The team selection can be changed for each encounter, the captain is fixed so he'll manage his team throughout the Cup. To sign up the captain of a country has to post a message on the ITST forum with his team for the 1st round encounter. If you want to be a captain you must discuss this with your fellow countrymates. Slicer doesn't make the decision who's captain of a country!

The Davis Cup will be a knockout tournament. A maximum of 16 countries can enter. When your country loses an encounter they're out of the Cup. When the draw's made the home country can decide on what court the encounter will be played. An encounter will consist of 5 singles matches played by the best of 5 principle. When a country has won 3 matches the remaining rubbers will be best of 3 sets. The third singles match will be played between the third ranked players of both countries! You can not register your country with only 2 players, a country still needs a minimum of 3 players to compete throughout the Cup! The format of the encounter will then be:

Player 2 vs Player 1
Player 1 vs Player 2
Player 3 vs Player 3
Player 1 vs Player 1
Player 2 vs Player 2

The captain can also let the two reserve players play the last two matches. Note that all matches should be played in this order. So the first match will be Player 2 of the home team versus Player 1 of the away team.

Sign up for the Davis Cup ends when 16 countries are registered, or when it's been open long enough.

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