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Take your virtual self online and compete in the internets biggest unofficial Top Spin tournament host, the ITST.

Designed to enhance your tennis gaming experience, the ITST has been serving the community since the release of the original Top Spin game in November 2003. Operating virtual tennis tours across several platforms, in parallel with the real ATP and WTA Tours - with over 4,000 members worldwide - there is no tennis tournament host anywhere with more experience than the ITST.

Our Virtua Tennis 2009 tour is created to make your tennis gaming experience as realistic as possible. For the moment you will be allowed to play your tournaments with either your created character or any of the pro players in the game.

If you haven't registered with us yet, we strongly recommend you first read the rules and FAQ. You may also want to take a look at the information page. If you have any questions about any aspect of the site, please contact a member of the Management Team: SlicerITST, Cro Morgan or Rob.

Note: If you are already a member of the ITST, you will have to change the status of your account. Go to your personal page, then click: Change your user profile. In your user profile you can set which tours you would like to play. Check the Xbox 360 Virtua Tennis 2009 Player box, click submit, and you're ready to go


Open letter about the new Tennis World Tour by Bigben Interactive
General: 25 May'18 - 18:13
:As you probably know, there is a new tennis game out called Tennis World Tour. More
Full Ace Tennis Tour begins!
General: 13 Apr'18 - 16:46
The long awated Full Ace Tennis Tour opens its doors and invites you to join! More
ITST Chat on Discord
General: 15 Jun'17 - 20:27
It is time to move forward: The well-known and beloved IRC Chat #te2011 is replaced by an ITST Chat on Discord. More
General - Grigor Dimitrov visits ITST Chat (20 Jan'17 - 16:53)
General - Norberto H Inducted into ITST Hall of Fame (07 Jan'14 - 18:51)
General - ITST: 2014 Season (01 Jan'14 - 16:48)
General - PLAYER SPOTLIGHT - eliomelma (22 Oct'12 - 01:12)
General - PLAYER SPOTLIGHT - KINAMINAJ (22 Aug'11 - 06:25)
General - PLAYER SPOTLIGHT - BluudyEEfingaz (22 Aug'11 - 05:12)
General - Top Spin 4 Tour Launches March 28th; Official Tour, April 4th (11 Mar'11 - 14:48)
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