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What is the ITST?

The International Tennis Simulation Tour (ITST) is a big tennis tour, comparable to the official ATP Tour where players like Hewitt and Roddick compete for the prizes.

In the ITST we use the same sort of tournaments as known in Top Spin: Minor Pro (Pro-Am), Pro, Major Pro and Grand Slam. In each of these tournaments you can earn points for the ITST ranking. It speaks for itself that you can earn more points in a Grand Slam than in a Pro-Am tournament.

We organise the tournaments at the same time as they are being played in real life. For example, when the real pro's are playing the Australian Open, the ITST will host this tournament in the same period.

Not only do we host a standard Tour, we also host a so-called 'SIM-Tour'. In this Tour it is not allowed to use the drop shot and risk shot. Many players don't like the abuse of risks and drops, and they much rather play sim style. In addition to that we also host Women's and Doubles events.

The best 8 players at the end of the season of each Tour, will be invited to participate in the ITST Masters. The same is done in the ATP Tour.

After a season ends, the race rankings will be reset so everyone starts with 0 points again. As on the ATP tour there is also an entry ranking which does not get reset after each season. This ranking looks at your performance over the past 52 weeks and is used to determine seedings for tournaments.

More information about the Tour can be found in the rules and FAQ sections.



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