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Three Members Inducted into ITST Hall of Fame
Written by Cro Morgan
10 Dec'08 - 16:41

Since the ITST was founded in late 2003, a number of great players have passed through it’s doors. The ITST Hall of Fame was established to honor these players, to preserve history and to connect generations.

Every two months one ITST member will be enshrined. Only the very best will be honored with a HOF plaque - a permanent reminder of their profound accomplishments as a competitor on the International Top Spin Tour.

Departing from protocol for the inaugural enshrinement, three players will be inducted. The ITST is proud to honor Ced_tennis, VINCEanity and PahelJDilla.

Ced_tennis (PC TS1)

A native of France, Ced_tennis is considered by most to be the best sim player in the history of the ITST. Ced_tennis compiled a career record of 115-7; a winning percentage of 94.3. In 2005 the Frenchman won 19 tournaments, including triumphs at Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open. The soft-spoken sim-specialist capped his season by winning the Tennis Masters Cup; his 7th career Masters Series title. A true sign of his dominance: Ced_tennis accumulated 744 more points than the second ranked player in 2005. His season-ending total of 1670 points is the most ever recorded on the sim tour.

VINCEanity (Xbox TS1)

In 2005 VINCEanity was the best player on the Xbox singles circuit.  Winning 13 tournaments during the course of the season, the hard-hitting Austrian finished with an overall mark of 82-9 (90.1%). At his best during pressure situations, VINCEanity won three consecutive Grand Slam titles: Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open. After retiring following his US Open victory, VINCEanity returned to the tour in November and claimed the season-ending Tennis Masters Cup, defeating friend and rival Norberto H in what many consider to be one of the best matches ever contested on the ITST circuit.

PahelJDilla (PC TS1)

An outspoken person off the court, PahelJDilla let his tennis do all the talking on the court. And his tennis talked a lot. From 2005 to 2007 PahelJDilla compiled a record of 235-25; a remarkable winning percentage of 90.4. During his brilliant career, the player formerly known as PahelWaske captured 31 singles titles, including one Grand Slam and 10 Masters Series Shields. Virtually unbeatable in 2005, PahelJDilla captured 18 of his 31 titles. The often controversial German - never afraid to speak his mind - will forever be remembered as one of, if not the best player to ever grace the courts of the ITST.


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