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Fred Belin Inducted into ITST Hall of Fame
Written by Cro Morgan
17 Feb'09 - 19:36

If you were within earshot of the ITST in 2005-06, you have no doubt heard of Fred Belin. The Frenchman reached iconic status with his play on both the Xbox Singles and Sim courts of the original Top Spin (TS1) game. Barely skipping a beat, Fred Belin passed the versatility test when he later ruled the courts of TS2.

There were few, if any players better than Fred Belin on the original ITST Xbox Top Spin tour.  There were certainly none who possessed his versatility as the Chilly-Mazarin resident (Paris suburb) won a combined total of 34 titles on the Sim and Singles circuit.

On the Singles tour, Fred Belin posted a match record of 148-25 (85.5%); 15 of the wins resulting in championships. Belin's greatest triumph occurred in January 2006 when he won the Australian Open. In addition to his one Grand Slam title, Fred Belin harnessed four Masters Series shields.

On the Sim tour, Fred Belin was even better. There he won 151 of 172 matches (87.8%) while pocketing 19 titles, including two Grand Slams (Australian Open, Wimbledon) and five Masters Series shields, including the year-end Tennis Masters Cup.

While Fred Belin was ehshrined in the ITST Hall of Fame for his play on the Xbox TS1 tour, he was no slouch on the Xbox 360 TS2 courts. Quickly adjusting to the pace and controls of the new game, the revered veteran won 11 titles before hanging up his racquet in 2007 with a won/loss record of 98-15 (86.7%).


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