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Sim Great Ir0kuM4t4 Inducted into ITST Hall of Fame
Written by Cro Morgan
23 May'10 - 19:29

It’s fitting that Ir0kuM4t4 has received the tour’s highest honor - induction into the ITST Hall of Fame - on the eve of the French Open. Over the course of his brilliant five year career, the pride of Portugal ruled the clay courts. Over the final twelve months of his career, Ir0kuM4t4 ruled all courts - like no other player before him.

A specialist of the PC TS1 Sim game, Ir0kuM4t4 compiled a remarkable record of 502-76 during his stay at the ITST; a winning percentage of 86.9. Seventy of those wins resulted in ITST championships. All told, Ir0kuM4t4 won 8 Grand Slam titles and 20 Masters Series shields.

While it is easy to expound on the virtues of Ir0kuM4t4’s overall career, his play in 2009 alone would assure the retired World No. 1 a well-padded seat in the Hall of Fame.

Between January and December of that year, Ir0kuM4t4 was literally unbeatable, winning all 97 matches contested en route to collecting 23 titles; an ITST record. Ir0kuM4t4 also became the first Sim player to achieve the calendar-year Slam, winning all four Grand Slam tournaments in a single year: Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open. Ir0kuM4t4’s accomplishments also resulted in him being named “ITST Player of the Year.”

In addition to his play on the court, Ir0kuM4t4 is also being recognized for his attitude off the court. While the Portuguese star had every reason to be arrogant, Ir0kuM4t4 was anything but - widely known as an honorable and fair player - always quick with a positive comment, win or lose.

Therefore, it is with considerable pleasure, and honor, that the ITST inducts Ir0kuM4t4 into it’s Hall of Fame. Few players in the history of the game have matched his overall accomplishments; none have matched, nor will match, his performance during his truly magical 2009 campaign.


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