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The DMT community is always active in upgrading Dream Match Tennis with self made patches. This can range from new courts to hair packs. We have gathered the patches on this page for your convenience. Feel free to download and use them.

If you have created your own patch and wish to include it on this page let us know by contacting a member of the Management Team: Rob ITST, Cro Morgan or SlicerITST

Don's courts

All courts black lines
All courts white lines

1) Download rar file (one of two)
2) Unpack rar file (use winrar or 7-zip)
3) Copy unpacked files to directory (default) C:\Program Files\Dream Match Tennis Pro\Data\Models

Note: You must replace the original files so it is recommended that you make copy of all original files first.

Big Graphics Update

XXXL Graphics Update


Courts February - March - April

Hair Packs

Hair Pack 1

C'mon Silencer

Silent wav Pack


Clothing Pack 1


Rackets Pack 1


Shoes Pack 1



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