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Please check the English version of the FAQ if your question is not asked in your own language. Due to the time it takes to translate the FAQ it could be a newer version of an answer or more questions are available in the English version.

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I just registered for the Tour. Am I automatically entered in the tournaments now?

How do I signup for a tournament?

What is, and where can I find a tournament page?

When two tournaments start on the same date, can I play both?

I'm in the quarter final of tournament A, but tomorrow tournament B will start and I registered for that tournament as well. Do I have to withdraw from one of the tournaments?

What does MS, MSS, WS and MD mean?

How do I know who my opponent is?

How do I contact my opponent to play the match?

My opponent doesn't respond to my contact messages! What should I do?

My opponent isn't available to play our match before the deadline. Can we play a day after the deadline?

Can I switch players during a tournament or a season?

I got disconnected in the middle of a match! What happens now?

My match loaded up and right from the start there was horrible lag. What should I do?

Is it allowed to return a serve with a dropshot / lob?

What exactly is the ‘Sim Tour’?

I've got a new gamertag. How can I change it on ITST?

Me and my opponent canít connect to each other! Now what?

What must I do when I've played a match?

What is a personal page?

Can I play PS3, Xbox 360 and PC Tours?

I have more than one tag. Can I play with all my tags on ITST?

I have found a bug on the site. Where should I report it?

I'm already in the second round of tournament X but the first round isn't over yet. Can I already play my second round match?

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