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Please check the English version of the FAQ if your question is not asked in your own language. Due to the time it takes to translate the FAQ it could be a newer version of an answer or more questions are available in the English version.

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My match loaded up and right from the start there was horrible lag. What should I do?

If the lag is terrible right from the start just try playing for a while. If it doesn't get better and the game really isn't playable then talk to your opponent about the situation by using your headset. If you haven’t got a headset, finish the match if possible. When you decide to quit make sure you contact your opponent afterwards. Try to let the other player host in your next attempt to play. If the lag still occurs try playing another time. If the problem still exists, just play the match if possible and notify the tournament host about the problem. If the match is unresolved due to the lag issues then the tournament host will probably cointoss the result.

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