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Please check the English version of the FAQ if your question is not asked in your own language. Due to the time it takes to translate the FAQ it could be a newer version of an answer or more questions are available in the English version.

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How do I signup for a tournament?

To play a tournament you will need to signup and become a member of the ITST first. Click here to go to the ITST signup page. Once you are a member of ITST you can signup for tournaments. You can only signup for tournaments that have the “Signup” status. Please note that it isn't always possible to sign up for tournaments. If no tournaments are open for sign up just be patient for a couple of days before a new tournament opens. ITST hosts tournament all year so it shouldn't be long before new tournaments will be opened for sign up!

To actually signup for a tournament you will have to go to the Tournament Page. On this page you will find a “Signup” link. Click this link to apply for the tournament. Your application has to be accepted by the tournament host. When the host validated your signup you will appear on the entreelist on the Tournament Page.

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