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Please check the English version of the FAQ if your question is not asked in your own language. Due to the time it takes to translate the FAQ it could be a newer version of an answer or more questions are available in the English version.

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How do I contact my opponent to play the match?

There are several ways to contact your opponent. We highly recommend you use the Private Message option, since it's the most convenient and effective way. The Tournament Host will have access to the private messages sent and you will be notified by e-mail, popup and a message on your personal page when you receive a private message. To send a private message you look for your opponent in the members list and click on his gamertag. Here it will show the option to send a private message.

You can also send your opponent an e-mail. Make sure that if you do, send a copy of that mail to the host of the tournament so he knows you've tried to contact your opponent.

If your opponent does not respond to one of these methods please be sure to try all available options to try and arrange your match.

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