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Rikardo12_lpSoldier Tested by Pablojack, Wins 10th Title
Written by Cro Morgan
25 Jul'09 - 08:27

The match was difficult but Rikardo12_lpSoldie persevered, defeating compatriot Pablojack in the title match of the Campbell’s Hall of Fame Tennis Championships, 7-6, 6-4.

The championship was the 10th for the World No. 3 Argentine who saw his match record improve to 62-11.  In defeat, Pablojack remained without a title, his season mark now 29-22.


Rikardo12_lpSoldier: “I play a lot with Pablojack so I know him too much; this is an advantage. I'm very happy for win other title.”

Tournament link: Campbells Hall of Fame Tennis Championships


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