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Norberto, Three Others Honored as ITST Player of the Year
Written by Cro Morgan
02 Jan'11 - 07:10

The weak global economy has forced a number of organizations to tighten their financial belts. Such was not the case at the ITST Player of the Year banquet as silk table cloths, life-size player ice sculptures and a live performance by the Rolling Stones welcomed Norberto H and seven hundred others to the annual end-of-season extravaganza.

Fashionably late, Norberto H arrives at the ITST Awards Ceremony

While the chandeliered room was stocked with ITST members, there was no mistaking those in the audience for the true stars of the evening. Seated on a stage at the front of the room, the spotlight was pointed squarely in the direction of the players who distinguished themselves as better than the rest during the past season. All told, four players received the tour's highest honor for their performance during the 2010 ITST campaign:

Norberto H (TS3/Xbox)
Norberto H was the clear-cut, don’t-even-consider-anyone-else choice as ITST Player of the Year for the Xbox 360 TS3 tour. The decorated Austrian did what no other player has done before him: finish the year as the World No. 1 on three separate tours. The respected ITST veteran - a member since July 2004 - was the highest ranked player on the MS, MSS and WS tours. On the MS circuit - arguably his favorite - Norberto finished with a remarkable record of 99-9 (91.7%). Over the course of the year, Norberto collected three MS Grand Slam Championships and six Master Series shields. He concluded the season with a dominating performance in London, defeating rival ILuvBillVal in the title match of the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. The championship was his tour-leading 16th of 2010.

Nitoflament (TS3/PS3)
While the Argentine was a force on the MSS tour (ranked second globally, behind Maximo) Nitoflament was no doubt his best on the ITST MS circuit. With 11,530 ranking points, Nitoflament closed the year 3,705 points better than the second ranked player. Over the course of his brilliant MS season, Nitoflament advanced to the final of no less than 22 tournaments. He won 15. His greatest triumph of the year - and of his career -  took place on the hard courts of Flushing Meadows where Nitoflament collected his first Grand Slam chalice, defeating rival Maximo in the championship match of the US Open.

Djokovic_Fan (DMT/PC)
Djokovic_Fan was by far the best player who graced the courts of the DMT tour as the often unbeatable Serb finished with a season mark of 99-10 (90.8%). The crafty World No. 1 was truly dominant, closing the year with 13,460 points; 5,200 more than his nearest competitor. Of his 17 titles won, the biggest two were harnessed on Grand Slam courts as Djokovic_Fan raised the championship trophy at both Wimbledon and Roland Garros. Djokovic_Fan also collected four Masters Series shields, prevailing at Indian Wells, Italy, Monte Carlo and Toronto.

Merzlikin (TS2/PC)
Merzlikin quietly rose to he top of the TS2 PC tour, finishing the year as the World No. 1. The Russian ace amassed 71 wins during the 2010 campaign, losing just 14 times for a winning percentage of 83.5. While Merzlikin failed to win a Grand Slam title, he did reach the final on three of the four occasions. All told, Merzlikin lay claim to 10 ITST championships - the most prominent collected during the final tournament of the season. In the semifinals of the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, Merzlikin defeated WarGot, the former World No. 1, then dispatched Le-Nix in the championship match to win the prestigious season-ending event.

Other awards handed-out during the three-hour ITST Player of the Year ceremony:

ITST Most Improved Player Award
TS3 360: Mack2300
TS3 PS3: Alex13090
PC TS2: Le-Nix
DMT: Agassi

ITST Sportsmanship Award
TS3 360: Puttu puttu
TS3 PS3: Brgerflipr
PC TS2: Kilhan
DMT: Hashy Roddick

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