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Domberg Betters Thucysincarne in Masters Final
Written by Cro Morgan
23 Mar'11 - 14:43

In straight sets, Domberg captured his second ITST championship, derailing Thucysincarne in the championship match of the BNP Paribas Open, 7-6, 6-3.

A powerful baseline game served Domberg well in the ITST 1000 final as the surging World No. 3 controlled play for much of the match.  Thucysincarne’s serve was stellar, as always, but this time, not good enough to corral his Hungarian rival.

With the title, Domberg improved to 17-5.  By falling in his 5th career final (two titles) Thucysincarne, the World No. 2, slipped to 18-6.


Thucysincarne: “He dominated me from the baseline this time. He had 44 winners to my 17. My serve kept me in it, but not forever.”

Tournament link: BNP Paribas Open


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