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Written by Cro Morgan
22 Aug'11 - 05:12

Don't be fooled by her genuinely pleasant demeanor, they don't make them any more competitive than the never-say-die BluudyEEfingaz. The twenty-three year old Madonna-appreciating Tennessean has compiled a winning record on the gal's Xbox TS4 tour (19-16) while often giving her opponents more than they can handle while playing as a man.

Name: Erikka
Age: 23
Born: Chicago, IL
Currently Reside: Nashville, TN
Profession: Photojournalist/student
Single or married: in a relationship


Story behind your Gamertag: I play the game so much that I think my fingers will eventually bleed. Also my boyfriend is from London and uses the word 'bloody' quite frequently. EE being my initials.

Describe your gaming set-up: In my living room.

How many hours a week do you typically spend playing video games: Wow! Maybe more than 20 hours.

Favorite video game that doesn't involve a fuzzy ball and a racquet: Left 4 Dead 2, as Rochelle.

Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)

After a tough loss, have you ever broken a controller, kicked the dog, awoke a neighbor: I squeal when I lose a game.

Does your husband/boyfriend/significant other support your gaming habit: My boyfriend has joined me in doubles.


Favorite Sport: Tennis.

Favorite recording artist/band: Madonna. She helped pave the way for the ones I hear now on the radio.

Favorite Movie: The Truth About Cats and Dogs.

It's your last meal, what would you choose to eat: Grilled salmon tacos with chips and guacamole.

Favorite chilled beverage: Tequila Sunrise.

Tequila Sunrise (named for the way it looks after it has been poured into a glass).

Hobbies other than gaming: I LOVE to read, write poetry and I'm learning guitar.


Favorite ATP player (current): Rafael Nadal.

Favorite ATP player (all-time): Patrick Rafter (pictured below).

Favorite WTA player (current): Serena Williams.

Favorite WTA player (all-time): Monica Seles.

Federer or Nadal: Duh, Nadal (laughs).

Favorite tournament: Year-end in Dubai.


Lefty or Righty: Righty

Favorite surface/court: Hard court.

If you could win any tournament, which one would it be: U.S. Open.

Describe your style of play: Power player in WS; all around in MS and MD.

Who would you consider to be your greatest rival on the tour? Kina in TS3; bkristian ini TS4.

Most memorable victory: Making it to the QF, beating top guys in ITST Pro Tournament.

Most disappointing loss: First round in Roland Garros, in both WS and MS TS4.


Do you play? I do.

What style of play would you consider yourself? I'm all around.

One-handed or two-handed backhand? Two-handed.

Have you won any tournaments? Not fortunate to win any yet.

What would you consider your biggest asset on the court? My energy. I never give up until the last point.

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