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Written by Cro Morgan
22 Aug'11 - 06:25

Girl Power! That's what KINAMINAJ, formerly Kinabobina, brought to the ITST with her brilliant play on the TS3 women's circuit (15-6 in 2011; Monterrey Open champion).  While still trying to adapt her world class game to TS4, the twenty-two year old, Unagi Roll loving sun worshiper continues to be both a very respected voice and player on the tour.

Name:  Kina
Age: 22
Born: North Bergen, New Jersey.
Currently Reside: Redondo Beach, California
Profession: Edit team at Elle Girl Magazine. That office is 24hrs. Theres is always work.
Single or married: Taken
(see gentleman on bike).


Story behind your Gamertag: Well my name is Kina and I love Nicki Minaj.

Describe your gaming set-up: Hard-hitting finesse.

How many hours a week do you typically spend playing video games: 48 hours, d
ue to (loving) Netflix.

Favorite video game that doesn't involve a fuzzy ball and a racquet: American Idol Karaoke Revolution. I am the Idol.

After a tough loss, have you ever broken a controller, kicked the dog, awoke a neighbor: I would never kick my dog. However, I have broken the analogs on several controllers, and a total of three nails.

Does your husband/boyfriend/significant other support your gaming habit: Yes he likes it. TS4 is the only game I can dominate him in. Everything else he wins.


Favorite Sport: Swimming.

Favorite recording artist/band: Damien Rice, Imogen Heap, The Goo Goo Dolls and everything Young Money.

The Goo Goo Dolls

Favorite Movie: Leon: The Professional

It's your last meal, what would you choose to eat: Unagi Rolls.

Unagi Rolls

Favorite chilled beverage: Strawberry Wild from Jamba Juice

Hobbies other than gaming: Swimming, staying tan, Tweeting
, yoga, recycling and playing in the streets of Los Angeles.


Favorite ATP player (current): Juan Martin Del Porto. I’m a Loyal fan. Everything about him.

Favorite ATP player (all-time): Pete Sampras. Did you see him in the early 90’s, hot and talented. 

Favorite WTA player (current): Sabine Lisicki.

Sabine Lisicki

Favorite WTA player (all-time): Gabriela Sabatini.

Federer or Nadal: Federer, but I think Djokovic should have been a option.

Favorite tournament: The French Open.


Lefty or Righty: Righty.

Favorite surface/court: Clay.

If you could win any tournament of your choice, which one would it be: The French Open.

Describe your style of play: Cunning and swift.

Who would you consider to be your greatest rival on the tour? I would have to say oDEVILISHo. We played six times and the Scot has won them all. I could beat him, just not when it mattered
. That was then and I look forward to avenging myself in the now.

Most memorable victory: Wimbledon R16 women’s singles win over No. 2 Mystical Lion, 7-6 7-6. But the true fireworks came after the match! My second final ever after always being a semifinalist against the hard hitting machine Bkristian. It was such a tough match and it was the first match that I realized I can play this game. I wanted that final and he took it.

Most disappointing loss: I would have to say French Open, R16 match, once again to Mystical Lion, 2-6 3-6. His ass was mine on the grass. Darth_Luisito def Kinabobina, 7-6, 7-6 (Doha Final). I was angry. I wanted that title and so did he. 


Do you play? Sometimes. Not professional but am no stranger to the court.

What style of play would you consider yourself? Serve and volley.

One-handed or two-handed backhand? One-handed.

Have you won any tournaments? I play for fun, n
ot dedicated enough.

What would you consider your biggest asset in the court? Serve, thankfully I'm tall.

KINAMINAJ: I would like to thank ITST for finding me worthy enough to stand in the spotlight and I am enjoying every second of it. Thanks once again. Girl Power!!

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