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Written by djarvik
22 Oct'12 - 01:12

Ranked 6th on the Tennis Elbow tour, eliomelma was instrumental in promoting the TE tour in its early stages - helping it gain enough momentum for it to become the top played game at ITST. This passionate Italian brings a voice of reason and a fierce competitive spirit to all of his matches. A six-time finalist and current BMW Open champion, eliomelma currently has his eyes set on the season-ending World Tour Finals and January's Australian Open. 

Name: Elio 
Age: 30
Born: Isernia, Italy
Currently Reside: Bojano, Italy
Profession: Specialized University degree in Physical Education and play soccer and am paid for it.
Single or married: Have a girlfriend for 7 years.

Story behind your Gamertag: My grandfather had been drinking and he said me: "my nephew, you are the slime (mud) of the world" and so I told to all my friend this phrase. So I decided to take this nickname Eliomelma.

Describe your gaming set-up: In my living room.

How many hours a week do you typically spend playing video games: Now max 4-5, but in general around 20

Favorite video game that doesn't involve a fuzzy ball and a racquet: 
Donkey Kong Country Trilogy, Mortal Kombat 2, Pes saga, Skyrim

After a tough loss, have you ever broken a controller, kicked the dog, awoke a neighbor: I called Chuck Norris to destroy the monitor with his roundhouse kicks.

Does your wife/girlfriend/significant other support your gaming habit: Yes she undestand my love for videogames and in recent years she plays too, but I destroy her without mercy when we play against (each other).

Favorite Sport: Soccer.

Favorite recording artist/band: Counting Crows, Coldplay.

Favorite Movie: Braveheart, The Passion of Christ

It's your last meal, what would you choose to eat: Grandmother's lasagna and Big Mac.

Favorite chilled beverage: Heineken beer (I have withdrawn the license 2 times!)

Hobbies other than gaming: Tennis, watching boxing matches of past, organizing sport tournaments.


Favorite ATP player (current): Federer

Favorite ATP player (all-time): Federer

Favorite WTA player (current): Ana Ivanovic

Favorite WTA player (all-time): Martina Hingis

Federer or Nadal: 100% Federer!!!!

Favorite tournament: Wimbledon

Prefered pro player to use: Roger Federer

Favorite surface/court: Clay

If you could win any tournament of your choice, which one would it be: Wimbledon 

Describe your style of play: My style of play is defensive with a good serve. I fight in all the points without give any free point to my opponent. I like to play long matches to prove de mental strenght of my opponent.But on fast surfaces I like to end the rallies in 3-4 hits too. 

Who would you consider to be your greatest rival on the tour? Main rival is Elias, we have always hard matches!

Most memorable victory: Victory of the final against Otlichno 6-2 6-2 in BMW Open and the most exiting the victory in semifinal of Rome against Elias 3-6 7-6 6-4.

Most disappointing loss: Without doubt, the Roland Garros lost against Otlichno in quarter final 6-4, 4-6, 6-7, 3-6. In third set I had 2 set points to go 2 sets to 1 and take an advantage in the match.

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