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Grigor Dimitrov visits ITST Chat
Written by djarvik
20 Jan'17 - 16:53

Grigor took time from his busy Australian Open 2017 schedule to visit ITST chat - and most of us missed it! 

Aceman11 came to Australia this year prepared. Armed with ITST Logo hat he set foot on the practice court and some players took notice, namely, Grigor Dimitrov. After hearing about ITST from our own PR manager Aceman11, Grigor was curious what is all the fuss about and what REALLY is going on on ITST chat. Much have been said about the infamous place and it's unsung heroes, but praise or harsh criticism - it remains a hot spot for ITST members, a sanctuary of endless characters and fun. I only hope Grigor will get to drink it all up on his next visit.

The only ITST representation last night were FEDERER2 and Aceman11. Undoubtedly the timing was bad, courtesy of Australia's time zone. We can only hope that Aceman11 will come through once again and will continue to deliver on his PR assignments on behalf of ITST. Grigor MUST visit again and maybe this time in a more organized fashion and on a non-Australian time.

In the event of victory vs Gasquet he'll be asked about his preparation for the match. Grigor will (should) say: "Well, I joined ITST chat and the rest is history". 



Below is a transcript of the chat with Grigor Dimitrov, potential winner of Australian Open 2017.

[04:42:33]*** Aceman11 (webchat@pool-108-54-93-178.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) has joined #te2011
[04:56:58]*** FEDERER2 (webchat@FEDERER2.users.quakenet.org) has joined #te2011
[04:57:03]* FEDERER2 slaps Aceman11 around a bit with a large fishbot
[04:57:11] Where's Grigor :D
[04:57:54] :D
[04:57:55] :)
[04:57:57] 8)
[04:58:03] :P
[04:58:08] SHocked no one else is here
[04:58:27] Nah, it's ;ate in Europe
[04:58:30] late
[04:58:43] Meh, lazy bumns
[04:58:46] XD
[04:58:57] It's like 4 or 5 am there
[04:59:05]*** GrigorDimitrov (webchat@pool-108-54-93-178.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) has joined #te2011
[04:59:12] So, without further ado I suppose
[04:59:16] :D
[04:59:55] So, is this what I'm here for? Haha
[05:00:19] Yes pretty much, Lol. Sorry its not a major uhh crowd here
[05:00:29] Ah, well its ok
[05:00:38]* Aceman11 slaps GrigorDimitrov around a bit with a large fishbot
[05:00:50] Oops! Sorry mate
[05:00:56] The hell? lol
[05:01:01] Wait you're actually Dimitrov??
[05:01:07] Sort of like, instant message actions
[05:01:26] Last I checked anyway man lol
[05:01:33] Yo, what's up :D
[05:01:33] I take it you like Roger then?
[05:01:33] Haha
[05:01:38] Not much man
[05:01:40] I do :D
[05:01:46] Nice win over Hyeon man
[05:01:48] Told my ammigo here I would hop in here
[05:01:51] Thanks
[05:02:06] He played a hell of a match, one of the best i've seen him play
[05:02:20] You were too good in the end :P
[05:02:32] He keeps it up he will go pretty far
[05:02:36]<|BrainLess|> Quote #32: Well, I can coss a toin if you want.
[05:02:41] Got enough game to challenge top ten on a good day
[05:02:57] Yea, seems like it, I know he was injured for a while
[05:03:29] Nice to see you back in the mix too, not like you ever weren't, but you've really found your game lately :D
[05:03:30] Something with his leg I think. I didnt research TOO much on that
[05:03:41] THanks to my tutelage XD
[05:03:45] Haha
[05:03:49] :D
[05:03:50] You wish dude
[05:03:52] :P
[05:03:56] Dang
[05:04:02] Oh ha ha
[05:04:10] Aceman is the GOAT coach
[05:04:15] Thanks Fed2
[05:04:22] So he says yeah lol
[05:04:26] Nah he's a good guy
[05:04:38] -__- You are so nice, Griggs
[05:04:39] lol
[05:04:49] I've never met him, but you seem so ace :D
[05:05:00] Heh, much obliged man
[05:05:44] Who do you play next Grigor? I forgot lol
[05:06:29] Probably Aceman here haha
[05:06:36] :D
[05:06:44] Better watch out for that 1 hander
[05:06:52] From him :P
[05:07:05] Haha I will
[05:07:34] But no, its Gasquet I think
[05:07:34] Still tricky
[05:07:34] Think I can take him though
[05:07:34] lol
[05:07:45] I always preferred the 1h bh, never liked my 2 hander
[05:07:56] Better watch out for the journalists on that one :D
[05:08:05] Yes my one hander is legendary around these parts of the 4th floor of this hotel haha
[05:08:08] If they find this chat lol
[05:08:12] :D
[05:08:38] Nahhh, you dont worry much about journalists. Press is just a part of the daily stuff at these major tournaments
[05:08:57] So no one follows you around or that stupid stuff :P
[05:09:05] Besides fans ofc
[05:09:53] Press? No they mostly observe matches or practices. The tournaments sort of restrict them from bothering the practice times of the guys and ladies
[05:10:22] Wow, I didn't know that, that's a lot better for the stress for the players
[05:11:18] Well think about it. If you were hard into training only to be stopped/harassed by them when you got off you might get into with them
[05:11:29] Which looks bad for you and your team
[05:11:41] And the tournament site should you say or do something stupid
[05:12:01] Yea, that's true
[05:12:05] The majors are better with those rules. Some of the smaller ones you do get small time reporters from time to time
[05:12:09] I had one in Beijing once after a practice
[05:12:29] He sort of hounded me about my goals and future prospects for the tournament
[05:12:41] That has to be annoying lol
[05:12:45] I wasn't really in the mood so I sort of blew him off
[05:12:51] Savage :P
[05:13:13] Which he didn't like but I didn't have the time to really sit and talk to him about that sort of stuff
[05:13:45] Do you go on site like Tennis.com to read reports or watch highlights of your matches on youtube
[05:14:16] Not usually no. Most times you sit with your team and discuss stuff. The tournament provides you with DVDs of your match with statistics
[05:14:20] If you want that
[05:14:42] Oh wow, that's nice, does Dani go over that stuff with you
[05:15:02] Yeah o course
[05:15:15] Even after a quicker match like my first round
[05:15:41] Is it a pain, or do you enjoy discussing new tactics or stuff like that
[05:16:34] It can get repetitve sometimes, but you want to always be sure you know your goals every match
[05:16:46] Even when on paper, you should be the clear favorite
[05:17:29] Yea, there are so many different matchups these days that there almost is no clear favorite anymore
[05:17:41] Yep yep
[05:17:54] Like Novak lost yesterday to Denis which no one expected
[05:18:08] I could see it since Denis is a beast when hes playing well
[05:18:30] Yea, that was some crazy stuff from Denis, there are just some tactics that I feel bother Novak a bit
[05:18:33] Yea same
[05:19:00] Novak's got a lot going on right now so its natural to have it affect you on the court too
[05:19:45] I heard, but I don't want to get into too much about his private life, his matches are more interesting now though :D
[05:20:43] I don't poke too much, not polite to do that. I respect him and his team so I have no doubt they will work things out
[05:20:50] Yeah they are
[05:20:55] Yea I agree
[05:20:58] I AM glad to not have to play him eventually though lol
[05:21:14] :D, you probably would have had a chance though
[05:22:02] You played a nice match vs him in Paris, pretty different surface, but could do well for the confidence
[05:22:17] If he maybe broke a toe yes lol
[05:22:25] :D
[05:22:26] Paris indoors you mean?
[05:22:30] Yea
[05:22:58] Ah ok
[05:23:05] Its a weird surface that tournament
[05:23:12] Yea, super slow right
[05:23:15] FOr indoors
[05:23:22] But if you can defend well and have good placement you can make it work
[05:23:28] Yeah one of the slower ons
[05:24:01] What grip do you use for the FH, Semi western?
[05:24:21] Cause I use western, and idk if that's a hindrance for me or not
[05:24:44] Little bit of a semi I think it is
[05:24:48] At this point I don't even think much about the grip anymore
[05:24:51] Unless I miss a shot lol
[05:24:57] I bet :D
[05:25:39] Hey Ace, I gotta run man
[05:25:41] But nice meeting you, Roger Federer the second lol
[05:25:59] :D
[05:26:04] You too man, gl
[05:26:05] Damn, aight man
[05:26:21] Nice talking to you, and gl with your training
[05:26:21] Thanks bro, :)
[05:26:36] Training is life! lol
[05:26:59]*** Quits: GrigorDimitrov (webchat@pool-108-54-93-178.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) (Quit: Page closed)
[05:38:05]*** Quits: Aceman11 (webchat@pool-108-54-93-178.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) (Quit: Page closed)
[05:38:13]*** Quits: FEDERER2 (webchat@FEDERER2.users.quakenet.org) (Quit: Page closed)

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