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Open letter about the new Tennis World Tour by Bigben Interactive
Written by djarvik
25 May'18 - 18:13

:As you probably know, there is a new tennis game out called Tennis World Tour.

Wild claims have been made about that game including some sort of ITST involvement and/or feedback. A number of interviews with various representatives from the developer have surfaced citing ITST played a part. We (the administration) felt the need to put out a statement distancing ITST from aforementioned game. We have never been contacted by the developer, no feedback has been asked of us. We view this as a marketing stunt intended to capitalize and give credibility to the upcoming game using our valued reputation and vast tennis gaming experience.

Through the years we have worked with and are still working with a number of developers, as big as 2K Sports, and we have helped them make their games better. We have not done so with Bigben Interactive in any capacity.

Our feeling about TWT's state upon release is less than favorable. We feel Bigben Interactive rushed the game to the market and have regressed from the Top Spin games of the previous generations.

The hope is that Bigben Interactive will try and fix the numerous issues and bugs with the game that we found. We are more than able to help them to do so with proper communication. We have reached out to Bigben Interactive on numerous occasions and are presently waiting for a response.

- ITST Managment

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