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Davis Cup 2018
Written by Pablo Hernandez
08 Jun'18 - 01:08

After years of hiatus the Davis Cup finally made its way back to the ITST home featuring several top 10 players.

The Davis Cup 2018 edition started off with 8 prestigious teams, however Italy, Portugal, USA, and Czechoslovakia were considered to be the top 4 major teams.

First round went with what was expected with Turkey, USA, Spain, Chechoslovakia advanced to the Quarter Final. 

The Quarters Final started off with a no match between Italy and Turkey allowing USA who had a clean sweep vs Germany to get a free pass to the final, meanwhile Chechoslovakia and Portugal also progressed. 

With only Semi Final to be played it started off with Pidzi beating the portuguese native Pablo in 4 sets (4-6 6-3 6-2 6-2) and soon after Filas evened the scores by beating Klizan confortably in 3 quick sets (6-1 6-3 6-2). The doubles tie was played by Pablo and Klizan and experienced showed with Klizan confortably winning showing great prowess throughout the match making it 2-1 to Chechoslovakia. Filas then went H2H with Pidzi in hopes of extending the tie to a deciding match but although playing some great tennis he lost in 4 sets (6-4 3-6 6-1 6-3).

Now with only the best two teams still standing USA and Chechoslovakia will be hoping to make their country proud by winning. Pidzi has an outstanding 6-0 singles win record along with Klizan 3-0 win record in doubles both are at the top in these categories. USA will be relying on two Veterans a former top 10 player Leonmostroso and Fez who has the second highest wins in singles, to win their matches whilst they will also heavily rely on Federer2 to clinch the doubles tie which could prove detrimental if they stand a chance to win. 




Final WB - USA vs Czechoslovakia (8-13 june) 

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