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Written by Pablo Hernandez
25 May'20 - 22:18

There is only a few players who in ITST has given back to the community as much as he has. Pidzi has given so much of his time by writing articles, help newcomers along with releasing the last two ITST mods to ensure that the roster is balanced and up to date. Often credited to having the highest peak of any player, he is also considered amongst the best of all time amassing a total of 32 titles of which 15 were Masters 1000, 1 WTF, 1 Olympic gold medal and 5 Grand Slam titles making him the only player to have a Career Grand Slam. Now let's find out more about one of the most popular and respected players on tour. 



First Name: Michal
Age: 30
Born Where: Nitra
Currently Reside: Trencin
Profession: Invoicing, Accounting
Single or Married: Engaged


Story behind your Gamertag:
My gamertag comes from very early stage of my life, its how my friends/relatives called me from (i don't even remember when anymore until very now) probably since i started attending kindergarten. Its basically a twisted derivation of a certain slovakian slang word for short (since i was pretty short when i was young). That being said i did not use it always as a nickname on internet as i had many other nicknames before but at some point i started using this one and it sticked for the longest.

Describe your gaming set-up (Desktop PC, Console, etc.): 
I'm stubborn PC master race slave all my life. I don't usually play very demanding games though since my main genres (strategies and RPG's) ain't very demanding. Still i upgraded my pc to meet med-high end spectrum. Specs: AMD FX 8350 8-core Processor 4.00ghz;
16gb RAM; GeForce GTX 1060 6gb; 1tb HDD; 500gb SSD. Thats about it. AFter the upgrade it could easily run all games i played on ultra. Now its more or less med to high.

How many hours do you usually spend playing video games in average and what game you are currently enjoying most: 
It obviously varies a lot from day to day and week to week. But if i should give some approximate mean value, it would be around 1-2 hours per day. Last 2 months i got to play a bit more than ever due to lockdown and homeoffice (apparently i did not work all the time even if i was supposed to), shutdown gyms etc., i think it could easily up to 3 hours a day.

Favorite video games of all times:
Tough to pick just a few. Commandos, Baldur's Gate, Fallout 2, Gothic, Red Alert, Company of Heroes, Mass Effect and many more.

After a tough loss, have you ever broken a gamepad, cursed God or beat your sibling:
I never really had raging or angry sensations during playing video games. For some reason i could always disconnect bad emotions from playing on videos. It's even more strange because when i play some real tennis, especially with my brother, i often got mad about stuff. I would however ascribe this to the fact that i'm younger than him and probably i need to prove myself i'm better and when i could not it strike hard my ego.

Does your wife/girlfriend/significant other support your gaming habit:
Fiancé ain't exactly supporting me, especially when there are days im all day on PC; but she ain't pushy either and if she was she knew i would just breakup. I don't like when someone tries to suppress my hobbies.


Favorite sport: Tennis

Favorite artist/band, possibly a song: I don't think i have any "above others" artist, i listen to what my ear likes.

Favorite Movie: Green mile, Forest Gump, Reservoir dogs, Predator, Godfather, Casino, Gattaca

If It's your last meal, what would you choose to eat:
Boiled spinach with boiled potatoes on butter with fried eggs

If you could meet 3 persons from either past or present, who would they be and what would you talk/ask about:
Nicola Tesla as his mind was one of the few in history of humanity.I would ask him how could he let himself get fucked up so much by Edison.

Andy Murray as i like his personality and passion for tennis. I think i would just chat with him about various bullshit, nothing specific

Donald Trump, i like his gestures, he is one of a kind (Insert :trump_chin: emote)

Favorite chilled beverage:
Beer, Lemon water

Other hobbies except video games:
Tennis, hiking, book reading, travelling, cooking (i like to come up with selfmade recipes), walking with my pet


Favorite ATP player (current):
Medvedev as his style is quite unorthodox

Favorite ATP player (all-time):
Andy Murray

Favorite WTA player (current):

Favorite WTA player (all-time):

Nadal or Djokovic:

Favorite tournament and surface:
US Open, Grass


Lefty or Righty:

Favorite surface/court:

If you could win any tournament of your choice you have not won yet, which one would it be and name the most important tournament for you:
I have won all big tournaments, but if i should pick another it would be Wimbledon or World Tour Finals.

Describe your style of play:
I mostly try to attack anytime i have a chance, even when i don't have a chance. At past it worked as i could move and position myself better than now, but i still have fun during matches so it's allright for me.

Who would you consider to be your greatest rival on the tour and player you enjoy to play the most:
Richie (best player i ever played against) is and always was my biggest rival since the beggining as he was basically the only one who could stop me regularly from winning most of titles. And while it might sound weird i also found it most fun playing Richie probably due to the fact it was usually an uphill battle, ultimate challenge. So much sweeter than the victories over him tasted.

Most memorable victory:
There really are quite a few but i think it was against Richie in WTF2013. After i lost in tough 3 setter our round robin match, i was able to raise my level, not letting previous defeat gnaw in my mind and provided some great stuff and beating him in final in straight sets. Honorable mention would be RG 2016 Semifinal against Richie where i almost lost 2-0 set lead but managed to turn around the 5th set from being down 0-2 to 6-2 and win.

Most disappointing loss:
Probably Wimbledon 2013 R16 loss against Richie. I thought i had a real shot for the title as i have won both grass tournaments before wimbledon, beating sometop guys there comfortably, including Richie. And despite it did not look well at first as i have lost first 2 sets, but then i started to play much better. I forced fifth set and at one point i was 2 points from winning but could not deliver. It was dissapointing since it was first slam i had great form and big chance to win the title but also because i thought in last 3 sets i was better player but in crucial moments Richie held his nerves better than me.

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