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Richie Eyes Clay M1000 Triple Crown
Written by pidzi
30 May'20 - 20:39

Richie will come into the Rome final match with attempt to win all three clay M1000 for the first time in history of ITST TE Tour. But Pablo Hernandez, who plays his best tennis of his career, has a lot to say against it.

So far this season, Richie has suffered only two losses, holding impeccable 32-2 YTD record. Apparently, the frenchman eyes to return where he rightfully belongs, at the pinnacle of rankings. And surely with his form its nothing he should fear it would not happen. Especially without a loss on clay this season and Roland Garros ahead, he seems outright unstoppable. 


It would be, however, much more certain if it were not of rejuvenated Pablo, who plays better than ever, with fearful attacking playstyle hitting winners left and right. Despite his latest loss against Richie in Madrid semifinals, where he did not get many chances to employ his offensive barrage, it looks like he found his ground as he beaten in Rome semifinals another great rival of his, Isniper in straight sets.


You may watch the final on Richie's channel, sponsored by French Tennis Federation here:



Match is to be played on Thursday at 10.30 pm CET.

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