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Written by Pablo Hernandez
09 Jun'20 - 21:38

Making a mark on tour in 2020, Talwoutte has won his First Grand Slam in Melbourne and cementing his place in the Elite with his win beating Richie on his way to the title. He has been on tour for quite some time but only now is that he is fully focusing in developing his skills in the game, he has also a record of 37-7 with 3 titles to his name and has produced some of the best matches of the year. Let's find out more about him in a personal level. 


First Name: Enzo
Age: 20
Born Where: Marseille
Currently Reside: Marseille
Profession: Student in history and geography
Single or Married: Single :(


Story behind your Gamertag:

So the story behind my username is ridiculous. When I was little I distorted a lot of words (like a large majority of children) and it turned out that I pronounced papier toilette (toilet paper in French) papier talwouette and suddenly we created a nickname when I bought a ps3 in 2009 I wanted to put talwouette, I made a mistake and I put talwoutte and since then it never leaves me. yes i know it's ridiculous ...

Describe your gaming set-up (Desktop PC, Console, etc.):

When is was a child i start with a psp after I had a wii, in 2009 the ps3, thereafter a nitendo dsi xl, a ps4, I had my pc in 2015, I had a ps4 pro in 2018 and a switch and all that for the final play Tennis elbow :). Currently I have an i5 4690k, gtx 1060 6gb, 8gb of ram, a 1to ssd and a 1to hdd.

How many hours do you usually spend playing video games in average and what game you are currently enjoying most:

The time I spend playing is never the same but I must easily play minimum 1 hour per day and currently I have a lot of fun on Valorant with friends otherwise I am a big fan of solo games and I expect a lot the last of us 2.

Favorite video games of all times: I think my favorite game of all time is GTA IV, i have some goods memories on this game.

 After a tough loss, have you ever broken a gamepad, cursed God or beat your sibling:

So I broke 2 keyboards, a desk and a radiator and all this on Tennis elbow and Top spin 4. Tennis has a bad influence on me :).

Does your wife/girlfriend/significant other support your gaming habit:

My family has often complained about the fact that I get too angry when I play (and she's right) but overall they have accepted that I am a passionate about video games and I thank them.


Favorite sport: Tennis

Favorite artist/band, possibly a song: Jimi Hendrix, Vodoo Child

Favorite Movie: Ragging Bull by Scorcese

If It's your last meal, what would you choose to eat: Gnocchi with tomato sauce and basil.

If you could meet 3 persons from either past or present, who would they be and what would you talk/ask about:

I would like to meet Leonard de Vinci because he is simply a genius, he was ahead of his time and he was an incredible artist.

I would like to be able to meet Jimi Hendrix so that I can rub shoulders with his genius.

Finally i would like to meet benoit paire and make a match against him because he is a legend.

Favorite chilled beverage:

Fruits juce, beer, Red wine and pastagaaa.

Other hobbies except video games: Music, History, Politic, Manga (like Berserk) and sport.


Favorite ATP player (current): Roger Federer

Favorite ATP player (all-time): Roger Federer

Favorite WTA player (current):Bianca Andreescu

Favorite WTA player (all-time): Steff Graf

Nadal or Djokovic: Nakovic

Favorite tournament and surface: Rolland Garros and Plexicushion


Lefty or Righty: Righty

Favorite surface/court:Plexicushion Australian Open.

If you could win any tournament of your choice you have not won yet, which one would it be and name the most important tournament for you:

The most important tournament for me is Rolland Garros because im french and it would be a kind of pride to win it, ALLEZ.

Describe your style of play:

I am above all a good defender but I recently integrated the counter and attac in my play style in order to be able to adapt to faster surfaces and to be a complete player.

Who would you consider to be your greatest rival on the tour and player you enjoy to play the most:

I can not choose between Isniper and Richie because I often play epic matches against them (and I often lose lol) it is partly thanks to them that I surpass myself on the game in order to be able to reach their level but I still have a lot of job.

Most memorable victory:

My biggest victory is obviously against Richie at the Australian Open, I played the perfect match from start to finish and it was the one that added prestige when I won this tournament .

Most disappointing loss:

For the moment my biggest defeat is that against Isniper in the semi final of Idian Wells, I led 5-3 in the 3rd set and I managed to lose the match ... but it remains a very good experience.

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