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Pablo Hernandez Cements His Clay Level
Written by pidzi
10 Jun'20 - 13:31

Another day, another clay title for Pablo. It is already his third crown on clay this season thus far. This time AlexJasmins, who is making comeback of his own, stood in his way as last obstacle. Despite Alexjasmins quickly regaining his usual gameplay from the past, he could not hold his ground against big hitting Pablo, who won the final twice 6-2.

Pablo way into the final was incredibly ruthless, losing all-in-all only 1 game in three matches altogether. In entire tournament, "lost games" counter stopped at just 5 in four matches, which is amongst the lowest in history of ITST. This alone shows great form Pablo currently plays at. His next matches are from the category of HUGE. On thursday he will play his first M1000 final against Richie. The other match, Roland Garros Quarterfinal, against Talwoutte will be played shortly after. Lots of action for Portuguese.


AlexJasmins made swift mark after his return to the tour, storming into the final beating 1st seed TheRetroPrime. In spite of losing rather easily in final, he showed he could be a force to be reckoned with in the future weeks.

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