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History in Making
Written by pidzi
16 Jun'20 - 15:06

Clay season is coming to its end and with Rome final played, only Roland Garros final is ahead of us.  Rome final was historical in few ways. First, its the only M1000 tournament which has been won four times by a single player, Richie1308. The other record, also achieved by Richie now, is being the first historical clay M1000 Triple Crown. Richie gradually beat IsniperXZ in Monte Carlo and Madrid final and finally Pablo Hernandez in Rome.

Richie beat Pablo convincingly 6-4 6-4.

Toughest times en route to glory was to be against Talwoutte in quarterfinals. Richie lost the first set and had to fought hard to win the second, but in the end, as it often happens with Richie, he broke his opponents resistance and went into the semifinals where he dispatched Kenos easily.


Pablo Hernandez showed incredible level througout entire tournament. He had to take care of one of the toughest draws in history. From the second round, he continuously defeated pidzi, henrijames, TesterAVI and finally IsniperXZ for the final spot, dropping only 1 set in process.


With his Rome final win, Richie already holds 4 M1000 titles this season and he will be eyeing for yet another record, winning most M1000 titles in one season. Pablo on the other hands, despite his remarkable form still awaits big title this season. And he will have to wait a bit longer, as his Roland Garros run ended prematurely in the quarterfinals on the racket of Talwoutte. 

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