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TesterAVIs's First is the Charm
Written by pidzi
27 Jun'20 - 17:14

First slam final, first slam title. Such is the experience of spaniard TesterAVI from the Roland Garros 2020 edition. Tester, a notorious and best out there Nadal user, is the first spanish player to lift the Grandslam trophy over the head. Going against all odss and overcoming all the trammels thrown at him on the way to final, he pulled of his best game in the final against currently reigning Australian Open champion Talwoutte, defeating him 7-5 4-6 6-4 6-1.

Both finalists journey was paved with great opponents. 3rd seedTalwoutte, despite failing to reach a single final during the clay season prior to the Roland Garros, proved that his main strenght is best of five format and impressive mental side of his game. While reaching quartefinals comfortably, there he got on the brink of defeat on the racket of Pablo Hernandez, 14th seed, who was serving for the match in the 4th set at 5/4 but failed to deliver.  That was the breaking point of the match and in the end Talwoutte snapped his semifinal spot where he faced pidzi. After overcoming slower start in the first se, he got solid ground under his feet and grabbed next three sets in quick fashion. 


Tester's  was 15th seed and did not show much sign prior to the Rolland Garros that he could be some trouble for the main favourites. But he proved many wrong and quite opposite was true. R16 was supposed to be the stop for Tester as he faced Richie1308, who was untouchable during clay season. However, Tester saved his best form for the last few matches of the clay season and got the best out of Richie, beating him in straigth sets. It was only second straight sets loss for Richie in Grandslams in his entire career, further enhancing the feat Tester done here. Although there were some claims, even from Richie himself, taht Richie's his food was poisoned (hints points towards iNoob, but nothing was proven) some time before the match and spent a lot of time on toilette instead of practice court which could hinder him to reach his best. "Even from my side i don't think i would have played better in better circumstances" Richie refusing any excuses and concluded "I'd say we both performed well".

After easy diffuse of quarterfinal opponent, he faced iNoob, self-proclaimed best player of first sets on the tour. Staying true to his claims, he took first set from Tester in tie-break but could not keep up against relentless Tester pressure and lost the next three sets rather quickly.


Final was then very anticipated and looked upon, as we could see the first Nadal user to win the Grandslam. And despite all the odds, it happened. Despite Talwoutte being the fan favourite on his own soil, people were eager to see winning Spaniard as he was big underdog. First set saw a total amount of 7 breaks. Talwoutte lost the set in spite of being break up early and 3-0 lead. Tester slowly gained the confidence and with the series of break on both sides he snatched the set right before the gates of tiebreak, 7-5. Opposite to first set, second only saw one break which was scored by Talwoutte, 4-6. Third set was again a rollercoaster with the better finish from Tester, 6-4. After three long gruelling clay sets, technical issues erupted and play was delay for few minutes. This break destroyed rythm and any kind of resistance Talwoutte had and Tester buried his opponent without any hesitation and thus lifted coveted Roland Garros trophy, 7-5 4-6 6-4 6-1.

Post-Final Press Conference

Talwoutte: "Always a pleasure to play against the wall. Impossible to hit winner" he continued "Spin, spin, spin, spin. Tester just better thats all, i have no chance" and concluded "I'm going to meditate for 5 years in the jungle".

TesterAVI: "Fucking hell" was the first airy reaction from Tester, "Yep made a shitty clay season overall" response on the question about timing of his form for Rolland Garros and confirmed the timing was impeccable. Concluded with "The 2nd and 3rd sets were hell" answering what was the toughest part of the match.


This was Talwoutte's second Grandslam final and first defeat. Holding still superb YTD record 41-8 and is going to be force to be reckoned with during the grass season with his consistent game.


Tester YTD record was only 15-9 before the Rolland Garros but with his glorious run, it now stands at splendid 21-9 and it will be surely interesting to see how he fares on grass as his style is mostly suited for slower surfaces.



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