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Richie vs Tester to square off for Olympic gold, Rharm and Filas to fight for bronze
Written by isaldor
06 Aug'20 - 17:46



The Tokyo Olympics are entering the final stage and only two matches remain to be played. In the first semifinal, the fifth seed TesterAVI has dismissed Rharm in brutal fashion 6-0, 6-0, storming into the final in the best possible manner. Richie, the first seed and world number 1 was also convincing vs Filas, beating him 6-2, 6-2, thus setting the stage for the grand final in which he and Tester will fight for the gold medal.


The Olympic final preview

It’s only fitting to see the currently two best players on ITST decide who’s going to take the gold home. We might also be witnessing an emerging rivalry between Richie and Tester, both of whom have won a slam this season and both of whom have shown impressive form.

Tester currently leads their H2H, having won two previous encounters, Fever-Tree Championships on grass, 6-2, 6-0, and, more importantly, an upset in Roland Garros quarterfinal 6-3, 6-4, 6-4. These wins will prove important for Tester’s self-confidence heading into the Tokyo Olympics final. The Spaniards knows he can compete with Richie and beat him in important matches, a fact that might prove crucial in regards to the outcome of the final.

Richie, on the other hand, has found his best game after winning Wimbledon. In his quarterfinal match vs Pablo, Richie has again proven why he is the mentally strongest player on the tour. Being able to play calm under pressure, Richie knows how to wrestle a win even he’s not at his best, a sure sign of champion’s mentality. 

Prediction: Tester vs Richie is probably the most competitive matchup at the top level currently. We give a slight edge to Tester, as he’s able to rally with Richie and even outlast him in the longer rallies. He will also be high on confidence following his recent results and there’s no reason why he couldn’t beat Richie again. Tester in tight 4 sets.

Rharm vs Filas, who will take the bronze?

The match for the bronze also promises to be an interesting one, as Rharm and Filas have never met before on tour. Rharm has consistently shown a solid level, while Filas is slowly returning to form. The Portuguese has plenty of experience in important matches, which will surely help him vs the young upstart. 

Prediction: Experience is often so important it outweighs current form, which is reason enough to give the edge to the Portuguese veteran. Filas in 3 sets.


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