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The 2021 Season Kicks Off on ITST with a New Mod Version Release
Written by Pablo Hernandez
02 Jan'21 - 22:22

2021 has begun and so has the new ITST tennis season. While the pandemic still frustrates ATP tour, our virtual tennis players stand ready to compete for the biggest titles on the tour. The lineup has never been more impressive: legends such as Richie, Pidzi, and Vram continue to mark their mark on ITST history, but a new generation of players are there to challenge them.

Talwoutte, Pablo, Tester, Said, Jmils, Retro, and Rharm, to mention a few of the highest ranked, are eager to dethrone the old guard in 2021. 

ITST Mod 1.22 has been released and promises to make the competition even more exciting and unpredictable


A team of dedicated modders led by Elias, Pidzi, Vmoe, and Rharm, has worked tirelessly to bring us the new and polished version of the mod, bringing new chars, anims, and better balance. They’ve been aided by an army of ITST and tennis enthusiasts who helped make new anims, textures, and courts, as well as did all the testing. The new version of the mod will likely shake things up, making the competition even more interesting than it was in 2020. 


What to Watch


The new season kicks off in Doha with an impressive sign up of ITST big guns, headed by the world number 3, Pablo Hernandez, multiple grand slam winner and legend Pidzi, and hopefuls including Jmils, Rharm, Poland, Hoffi, and Jayfin. After Doha, the tour moves to sunny Australia and two 250s in Adelaide and Auckland (ASB Classics) culminating in the first grand slam tournament of the season – Australian Open starting on January 18th. 


Old Champions or the New Challengers, who will shine at the beginning of the 2021 Season?


As for the favorites, the safest bet is, of course, Richie, who dominated 2021 by winning Wimbledon and the US Open, no less than six Masters titles, finishing as the world number 1. Richie will surely be motivated to win in Australia but he might face quite a few obstacles on his road. World number 2 and French ace Talwoutte, despite a rather underwhelming end of the last season, now looks ready to defend his title in Melbourne (d. Henrijames) but will he be able to overcome threats such as Tester, who beat him in the Roland Garros final? The Spaniard has had an impressive end of the season, winning ITST World Tour Final, defeating Henrijames, Vram, Pablo, and Richie en route to his maiden WTF crown. Lurking in the shadows is Pablo, who had a good 2020 season but came short of winning a slam. 2021 may be season and what better chance to shine than the Australian Open? Vram and Pidzi, representing the veterans, cannot be ignored. Vram has won in Melbourne in 2017 and knows how to do it, while Pidzi may have another slam in his old bones but if you think that’s all you are mistaken. Said, Isniper, JiJo, Jmils, Rharm, and Jayfin, to name a few, are hungry for grand slam glory. One of them might easily rise to the occasion and upset one of the favorites yet it will take extra energy, motivation, and skill to go all the way and win a grand slam. 


Stay tuned and follow ITST, 2021 promises to bring many exciting matches and new rivalries. 


Credit to the writer Mairon. 

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