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Top Players to Compete for a Prestigious Dubai Title
Written by Mairon25
21 Feb'21 - 21:17

Tennis season on ITST will resume in Dubai where some of the best players will fight to win the prestigious Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship tournament



With barely a day left before the draw for ITST 500 tournament in Dubai gets released, it already looks like the field has never been stronger in a tournament that is not a grand slam or a masters. The post-AO season has already resumed with Cordoba and Argentina Open and Rotterdam but it will be in Dubai where ITST’s biggest stars will meet again to compete for a prestigious title and gain precious confidence heading into the Sunshine Double in Indian Wells and Miami. 


A short post-Australian Open season recap


To those who don’t follow ITST closely, it might come as a surprise to see Rharm winning his maiden title in Cordoba Open. Despite spending a lot of time chatting with other prolific ITST members on Discord, Rharm has shown some real skill on the virtual tennis court. He won the title without dropping a set, beating the Polish veteran Don in the final, 6-3, 6-3. Who knows, if Rharm focuses on his career even more, he might become one of the favorites for the biggest titles on the tour!  

Meanwhile another emerging player, Jayfin, won a title in Montpellier (d. Said) and confirmed he will be a threat to the favorites on the big stage.

The first ITST 500 tournament of the season in Rotterdam was won by the Canadian JiJo, who sailed through the draw rather easily, and defeated the upstart Mr Ben in the final. Jmills from the UK also joined the title 2021 winners club by winning Argentina Open, though it happened in a rather unfortunate fashion - by a walkover.


Dubai features an impressive lineup, including RG champion Tester, Pidzi, and Vram


No less than 52 players have signed up in Dubai so far, and the tournament promises to be a hotly contested one. Even though the recently crowned Australian Open champion iNoob is notably absent, last year Roland Garros champion Tester, Vram, Said, Pidzi, Jijo, Jmills, and VMoe will compete, among others, for this much coveted title. With a potential clash between Tester and Pidzi looming in the semifinal, Vram and JiJo in good form, and dark horses such as Said, Jmills, and Rharm waiting for their opportunity, Dubai promises to bring much excitement to ITST fans worldwide. All you virtual tennis enthusiasts out there from the plantations of Paraguay to skyscrapers of Singapore, brace yourselves for some exciting tennis, lots of broken pads, rage quits, and post-match rants (or orgasms), for there will be no shortage of good matches on ITST this February!


You can find matches on ITST YouTube channel, follow live streams on our Twitch page, or join ITST today and begin your virtual tennis career today!


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