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Written by Mairon25
22 Feb'21 - 19:23

Coming to ITST from Mana Games Tour, JiJo has already demonstrated an amazing level of play and shown great potential. Transition from the vanilla game tour to a more competitive and realistic ITST has proven tricky for many players in the past, but JiJo is not one of them as he has already won three tournaments in 2021: Qatar, Adelaide, and Rotterdam, beating established players and veterans such as Pidzi, Pablo Hernandez, and Eloyym in the process.

The current number 11 in ITST rankings, JiJo looks sure to enter the top 10 soon and compete for masters and grand slam titles. In an exclusive interview with the ITST News Team, JiJo has revealed his hopes for future virtual tennis career and much more. 

JiJo spotlight photo


First Name: Joël
Age: 18
Born WhereMontréal
Currently ResideMontréal
Profession: Student
Single or Married: Single 


Story behind your Gamertag:

So basically my tennis coach has been calling me Jojo since I was 5 years old (because my name is Joël). One day, I wanted to create an account on Roblox when I was about 10, so I put JiJo to change it up, but since it was taken I decided to put TheSuperJiJo. A few years later I changed it to TheJiJo, and in 2018 I changed it again to JiJo.

Describe your gaming set-up (Desktop PC, Console, etc.):

I generally only play at the computer. Last year I bought an entry-level pre-built gaming desktop, which is more than enough for my needs: 

GTX 1650
12 GB ram

How many hours do you usually spend playing video games in average and what game you are currently enjoying most: 

During school days it goes from 0 to 2, and generally from 3 to 4 or more during days-off when I don't have a lot of homework. I currently almost only play TE.

Your favorite video games of all times:

Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart DS, Wii Sports, Minecraft, League of Legends, Brawlhalla, Tennis Elbow.

After a tough loss, have you ever broken a gamepad, cursed God or beat your sibling:

No, I can get frustrated of course but the most I'll do is smash a racket.

Does your wife/girlfriend/significant other support your gaming habit: 

My parents don't really like it, but they don't mind it either.


Favorite sport:


Favorite artist/band/song:

I'd say my favorite band is Daft Punk, with my favorite song from them being Face to Face.

Favorite Movie: 


How did you start following tennis and what really made you love the game?

Since I was a kid I would often watch some matches here and there, and I've been playing tennis since I was 5. So, it quickly became my favorite sport. In reality I started watching tennis more seriously in 2017 though.

Your favorite movie/book/series and why:

Whiplash because it's a very intense movie and it's related to music.

Favorite chilled beverage: 


Other hobbies except video games: 

Table tennis, music, web and mobile development.

Stan Wawrinka


Favorite ATP player (current):

Stan Wawrinka (above)

Favorite ATP player (all-time):

Andre Agassi or James Blake

Favorite WTA player (current):

Su Wei-Hsieh

Favorite WTA player (all-time):

Justine Henin

Nadal, Federer or Djokovic?


Favorite tournament and surface: 

Roland Garros, clay/grass

Favorite surface/court:

Grass and deco


If you could win any tournament of your choice you have not won yet, which one would it be and name the most important tournament for you:

I would love to win Roland Garros or Wimbledon. It would be cool as hell.

Describe your style of play:

I try to keep a consistent level during the entire match, I attack whenever I have an opportunity to do so and I am careful when coming to the net cuz of guessing :trump_chin:

Who would you consider to be your greatest rival on the tour and player you enjoy to play the most: 

Well, I haven't been on the tour for that long, so I can't give really give you a rival as of now. I enjoy playing the most against pidzi or Pablo.

Most memorable victory:

I would say so far that my match against Pablo in AO2021 was probably my best victory.

Most disappointing loss:

Against Vram in AO, because my level dropped in the last set, and that I knew I could've gone to the net more. I had a lot of chances to win this match and get a spot in the AO2021 Final, but at the same time I was very happy about my 2nd Grand Slam run.

What do you dream of accomplishing during your virtual tennis career? Would you describe yourself as ambitious? Did you ever dream of becoming a new Richie?

I don't care too much about accomplishing a lot. The most important thing to me is to have fun and play great high quality matches. If i snatch in a grand slam or two it would be fantastic though.

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