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Written by Cro Morgan
28 Mar'07 - 05:29

This friendly Englishman has been a member since July 2006 and is, in his own words, the oldest ITST member with a healthy adoration for Monica Seles.


Name: Andrew
Age: Old and too embarrassed to say (I’m defo the oldest ITST player)
Residence: London UK
Profession: Actor
Single or married: Single


Story behind your Gamertag:
The full name is TC Cobarnew and he is a character that I play in a one man show I perform. He is a bit like a Mr. Bean character – very quirky. Most people really love the character when I play him as he is very funny. The original word Cobarnew came from the Barry Manilow song Copacobana but it would be too difficult to tell you how it came from the song! When choosing my game tag I wanted something that I knew was specific to me.

Describe your gaming set-up:
I have my Xbox360 set up in my lounge. I have an LCD flat screen tv and surround sound. My dog shits himself every time I play. He only has to see me reach for the joypad and he’s out of there. I don’t know what he dislikes but he really can’t stand it. It’s not the noise because he is deaf so it must be the look of agony on my face as Snepsen or Mr Devilish hit yet another shot passed me.

How many hours a week do you typically spend playing video games:
I really love TS2. I think it’s an awesome game and we are all so spoilt to be able to play it. I get tired of hearing people bitch about how it’s not as good as TS1, or risk shots, or drop shots etc. It’s a great game – no time for cheese though. I reckon I play about 2-3 hours a day … I really need to get a life. So if you total it up that’s 14 – 21 hours a week … oh my God, I spend a whole day gaming – sick!

Favorite video game that doesn't involve a fuzzy ball and a racquet: I only play TS2 and have no other games. My big passion in life has always been tennis ever since I was a little boy. I don’t like gaming but I love tennis and when I’m not on the court … I’m on the court in TS2.

After a tough loss, have you ever broken a controller, kicked the dog, awoke a neighbor: Yes, yes, yes! I broke a joy pad by throwing it. The worst habit I’ve got into is slapping myself in the head … it doesn’t half hurt! I just do it with out thinking and then think “Ooowwwwch”!

Does your girlfriend support your gaming habit: Sorry but my best mate is called Dorothy!


Favorite Sport: Tennis, Tennis, Tennis.

Favorite Recording Artist / Band: I have a very eclectic taste in music. I really love a singer called Laura Nyro. Toyah, St Germain, Amy Winehouse.

Laura Nyro

Favorite Movie: Again very tough … Now Voyager, Schindler's List, Jaws, Torch Song Trilogy. As an actor most new films piss me off. Modern directors don’t know how to tell a story properly.

Favorite Food: I am veggie although I do eat some fish. I really enjoy light food like salad. I can’t abide stew or crap like that. I try to eat organic … I am very environmentally aware.

Worst thing you have ever eaten: My brothers shit! When I was a kid he got me to play a game with him where he blew down a vacuum tube and I had to suck ... I was desperate to be in with him so I played along with what seemed to be a very boring game. Suddenly something flew into my throat and I began to choke. Eventually some one hit me on the back to get whatever it was out of my throat and it was my brother's shit. He thought it was really funny but I’d call it attempted murder.


Favorite current ATP player: Marcos Baghdatis. He’s very entertaining and I like his passion.

Favorite ATP player of all-time: Got to be John McEnroe – he is such a great player and still is. Agassi is up there.

Favorite current WTA player: Shahar Peer – she is very good. I also like Karolina Sprem (nearly wrote sperm!) I think she is good on her day

Favorite WTA player of all-time: Without a doubt Monica Seles. I have never seen anyone compete in the way that she did. You never ever saw her throw in a bad performance. Her passion, intensity and competitive attitude rank her way above any other female player I’ve ever seen play … maybe even more so than Billie Jean King. The other reason I like Seles is because she plays two handed on both sided and so do I. I play tennis to a high level & used to play North Kent tennis leagues. Seles has the attitude I always strive for on the court … to never give up. She was stabbed in the back doing something she was the best in the world at … most people would give in and go away. Not Seles … she came back and played some fantastic matches. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad match played by her. I miss seeing her play.

Monica Seles

Sampras or Federer: Federer. Sampras was great. I was lucky enough to see Sampras play on centre court Wimbledon. I think Federer is a more complete player than Sampras and could definitely win in Paris on the clay. He is a great champion and a wonderful number one. Sometimes his shots are just amazing.


Lefty or righty: Right, as in real life.

Favorite surface: Hard

Describe your style of play: Well at the moment I am still trying to create the best player for me. I like the power game and good angles but for some reason I seem to come in to the net a lot. I really do believe that I’m going to make a major breakthrough soon and start to offer up some good challenge on the ladies tour. I’m laying off the men’s at the moment until I get a good female player and then I’ll create a male player. I really think my female will make her mark soon so watch this space!

Who would you consider to be your greatest rival on the tour: Snepsen/Seles. We haven’t played many tour matches but we play lots in exhibition. I have beaten him several times but he has the lead in head to head matches. We have the most amazing rallies. Also he is a great guy. We have a laugh sometimes when we decide to have a match with new hairdo’s etc! I think he is a great, fair player. Last time we played I won 7-6 0-6 7-6. it was an awesome game. He is my best virtual friend. I like Tidus1 as well and I feel very sad he is not gonna play anymore. He is the best player this year and it is a shame to lose him.

Most memorable victory:
I haven’t had many but I think beating stevecnj as it was my first ever tour win. Also getting to the ladies Medibank semifinal

Most disappointing loss: I got through to the medibank Semifinal but lost to seles. I was disappointed with the result as I had beaten him the day before and was hoping to make a final. Still he is great and deserved the win.


Interview conducted, and report filed by SlicerITST.

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