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kash321 (Canada)
Men's Singles Rank: -
Men's Singles SIM Rank: 5
Women's Singles Rank: 1
Men's Doubles Rank: -

Men's Singles Titles/Finals

Men's Singles SIM Titles/Finals
Titles (5): 2005--Regions Morgan Keegan Championships, NASDAQ-100 Open, Telecom Italia Masters Roma 2005, The Stella Artois Championships, Western & Southern Financial Group Masters
Finalist (3): 2005--Pacific Life Open, Masters Series Hamburg, Roland Garros

Women's Singles Titles/Finals
Titles (7): 2005--Australian Open, Proximus Diamond Games, Pacific Life Open, Bausch & Lomb Championships, Roland Garros, Acura Classic, US Open
Finalist (1): 2006--WTA Tour Championships

Men's Doubles Titles/Finals

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