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WTA Tour Championships, 26 Nov'05 .. 12 Dec'05
Women's Singles - Masters Cup

Welcome to the WTA Tour Championships.

Anyone can sign up for this tournament. However, when the groups are created only the best 8 of the sign-up list will be considered. There will be 2 reserve players (no. 9 and no. 10 of sign-up list) who will replace one (or two) of the top 8 players if they don't play their matches.

Order of play:
Once the groups have been created you will see the matches you have to play below. Please try to play these matches in the correct order. Once all round-robin matches have been played no. 1 of the red group will play no. 2 of the blue group and vice versa in the semi finals.

Here's some additional info taken straight from the ATP rulebook. These rules will apply to the ITST Masters as well:

- The field shall be divided into two groups of four players each. The top-seeded player shall be placed in the red group and the second-seed player shall be placed in the blue group. Players seeded three and four, five and six, seven and eight, shall then be drawn in pairs with the first drawn placed in the red group.

- Each player shall play every other player in his group to determine the top two players in each group.

- The final standings of each group shall be determined by the first of the following methods that apply:
a) Greatest number of wins.
b) Greatest number of matches played.
c) Head-to-head results if two players are tied.

Group matches 1+2: 28.11. - 30.11.05
Group matches 3+4: 01.12. - 03.12.05
Group matches 5+6: 04.12. - 06.12.05
Semi-Finals: 07.12. - 10.12.05
Final: 11.12. - 13.12.05

12 days to go...
Jahrim (1), vondutchboi(2), fred belin(4), norberto H(5), tiger toons(6), Muinasjutt(7) all qualify for the season end championships in LA, with only two places up for grabs! The only top 8 players not to enter the championships is world number (3) Mr devilish and world number (8) AUT Weicki.
Mr devilish finished his 2005 season prematurely back in October when he withdrew from his quarterfinal match against gognol at the China Open. Mr Devilish made this statement “I’ve had a consistent year with some good wins and some not so good losses. I needed time off to pursue other interests and be fresh for the next era – plus Top Spin was doing my head I needed a break ...lol! It’s a little disappointing I wont be competing in the WTA Championships but as host it’s the next best thing.” Mr devilish will be back sometime in the New Year when Top Spin 2 ships for the xbox360.
Also AUT Weicki has yet to confirm his place in the tournament. The Austrian has not played a competitive match since losing his first round match against Fred Belin 1 and 3 at the US Open. The likely hood of AUT Weicki entering the tournament don’t look good but there is still time.
So with potentially two spots up for grabs who are the front-runners? Kdjammel world number (9) and Jay144 ranked (11),look like they could be in with a chance and head the field of players that could make the championships. Interestingly should Jay144 make it into the competition he wont be just making up the numbers as the American has had some good results on tour with wins over, vondutchboi, fred belin, tiger toons and Muinasjutt who all compete in LA. Jay144 highlight this year was when he won the Bank of West Classic in August humiliating Fred Belin in the final 6-3 6-0. Jay144 is currently in the final of the Advanta championships and should he win that may be enough to confirm his place in the WTA Championships. Another player putting in a late surge for a place in L.A is Jenks10sne1, recently the American beat top seed vondutchboi at the quaterfinal stage of the Advanta Championships. The American would probably need to make the final to stand a chance of qualifying in L.A, with Muinasjutt the likely opponent in the semis standing in his way jenks has every chance but it will not be easy. Muinasjutt currently leads their head to head 2-0. Once the final tournament before LA has been decided the line up will be clearer so stay tuned for the latest news when it happens.

Points Table & Tournament Information

Rd.-Robin win200pointsTournamentWTA Tour Championships (8 draw)
Semi Final win+400pointsTypeWomen's Singles - Masters Cup
Final win+500pointsDate26 Nov'05 .. 12 Dec'05
CourtThe NASDAQ-100 Open
SetsBest of three (6 games per set)


Latest Scores: 22.12.05-0:45 Semi-Finals: kash321-vondutchboi1 6-2, 6-4 +++ 17.12.05-17:09 Semi-Finals: jayj144-Tantsutallinn 6-4, 6-1 +++ 7.12.05-1:16 Round Robin: jenks10sne1-fred belin 6-2, 7-5 +++ 5.12.05-1:33 Round Robin: vondutchboi1-jenks10sne1 7-6, 6-2 +++ 3.12.05-17:31 Round Robin: Tantsutallinn-jenks10sne1 6-1, 6-4 +++ 1.12.05-21:49 Round Robin: jayj144-tiger toons 6-1, 6-0 +++ 1.12.05-20:58 Round Robin: vondutchboi1-Tantsutallinn 2-6, 6-4, 0-6 +++ 30.11.05-0:24 Round Robin: kash321-tiger toons 6-1, 6-0 +++ 29.11.05-0:16 Round Robin: jayj144-Norberto H 6-7, 6-4, 6-3 +++ 28.11.05-22:33 Round Robin: Norberto H-tiger toons 6-1, 6-2
1. kash321336-0
2. jayj144324-3
3. Norberto H313-4
4. tiger toons300-6

kash321 - jayj1446-3, 6-4
Norberto H - tiger toons6-1, 6-2
kash321 - Norberto H6-0, 7-5
jayj144 - tiger toons6-1, 6-0
kash321 - tiger toons6-1, 6-0
jayj144 - Norberto H6-7, 6-4, 6-3

1. vondutchboi1325-3
2. Tantsutallinn324-3
3. fred belin313-4
4. jenks10sne1312-4

vondutchboi1 - jenks10sne17-6, 6-2
fred belin - Tantsutallinn6-1, 7-6
fred belin - vondutchboi16-3, 3-6, 5-7
Tantsutallinn - jenks10sne16-1, 6-4
vondutchboi1 - Tantsutallinn2-6, 6-4, 0-6
jenks10sne1 - fred belin6-2, 7-5

Reserve players:
magic tonio

jayj144 - Tantsutallinn6-4, 6-1
kash321 - vondutchboi16-2, 6-4

kash321 - jayj144WO jayj144


Jahrim holds back Norberto

World Number One, Jahrim opens the tournaments with a straight set win over Norberto H. It’s the 4th time these two players have met this year and it’s the 4th win for jahrim. Lets not forget that no one this year has beaten jarhim so the result isn’t that much of a surprise. The first set was a total white wash as Norberto failed to win a single game. The match however tightened up in the second when a more consistent Norberto stretched jahrim to the limit. But it was too little too late, and Jahrim recorded his first win of the tournament. The final score was 6-0 7-5. Jahrim happily shared his thoughts after the match "I am very satisfied with my opening round win. I was surprised by how well he was playing and I will need to play much better to win this thing" Not many would bet against Jahrim to win this week and complete a 100% winning record but his game will need some tightening up if he is going to succeed.


Jahrim too strong for jay144

In what was possibly the most anticipated match in the red group, Jahrim met Jay144 for the first time in their careers. These are arguably the most inform players in the tournament and many predict that this could be the fixture for the final at the end of the week. In the end jahrim won 6-3 6-4 and in convincing style and maybe a little to easily? Jay144 didn’t play his “A” game today but perhaps he didn’t need too and tactics were a factor, time will tell. With two wins jahrim is almost certainly through to the semi final stage already. The world number one shared his thoughts after the match “ He did not play anywhere near of what he was capable of. But a win is a win I guess. I predict him and I to meet in the finals this week, so I think he'll have another chance"

Vondutchboi has Freds Number

The first match of the blue group saw fred belin up against vondutchboi. These are clearly the two favorites to go through to the semi final stage so the outcome of this match would probably decide who finished first and second. This was a hard fought match with the lead being exchanged many times. Fred was the more dominant player in the first set and it looked like an upset was on the cards when fred took the set 6-3. But the British fans were not to be denied as the come back king was finding some good form and took the second set 6-3. The final set was close and the tension was unbearable, like so many times before Vondutchboi’s just doesn’t give up even when he is staring at defeat in the face. For the seventh time this year vondutchboi won the match from a set down to put him top of the group. The final score was 3-6 6-3 7-5. vondutchboi confirms his dominance over the Frenchman and extends his head to head record 3-0 in his favor. While vondutchboi heads for the winning enclosure Fred reflects on the match “i was so concentrated but once again i lost arrf i am so frustrated because i was playing good but i still didn\'t know the tips the good player do for being good in woman”

Norberto tames the tiger

Norberto H earns his first win of the tournament recording a straight set win over tiger toons 6-1 6-2. This was an important win for the Austrian as it keeps his chances of championship glory alive. This could have been a difficult match; on his day tiger toons can be a formidable opponent. Tiger Toons has some great weapons on court but lacks consistency and in truth this reflects the success he has had this year. We are sure tiger toons will give all he’s got in his remaining matches and has every chance of causing problems for the top players. Norberto comments on the match “Good match, I was playing better than against Jahrim - seems like I find my game again, which is more than necessary to stay in the tournament!”

The rise and rise of Jay144

jay144 sends shockwaves out to the rest of the tournament as he downs Norberto H in a hard fought three setter 6-7 6-4 6-3. Norberto played and outstanding match a showed the crowd a wonderful display of control and power, but that still wasn’t enough. Jay144 has stormed onto the tour of late and is having a fantastic last quarter picking up two tournaments on the way. With this win today he confirms his elite status at the top of the game. Norberto is a talent but doesn’t seem to have a plan “B” when plan ”A” isn’t working. Most of the time the “A” game slaughters his opponents but jay144 isn’t like most players and has options on court, its these options that can win him this tournament, but it wont be easy. So Norberto’s fate is out of his hands as he has played all three matches winning 1 of 3. Tiger Toons would need to beat jay144 for norberto to have a chance of progressing to the semis but that result seems unlikely. For this year at least Norberto’s Season is over.

Muinasjutt tests Fred

fred belin edges past Muinasjutt winning 6–1 7-6. Surprisingly this was the first meeting between the two players and could have gone either way. Fred got a hold of the match early on and bossed muinasjutt in every department, once he got the first set under his belt it seemed the match would soon be over in quick time. That wasn’t to be the case, as the match turned on its head in the second set. Both players began to match each other’s groundstrokes, stroke for stoke the tension was clearly visible. Both players stumbled to close out the second set and In the end it was fred that held his nerve. Muinasjutt can hold his head high and is still in the running. Fred now improves his chances of making it to the last four,this really was a must win game for Fred. It has to be said that the blue group is the weaker of the two and anything could still and probably will happen; stay tuned for the latest when it happens.

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