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Challenger Tour Finals, 04 Dec'20 .. 27 Dec'20
Men's Singles Pro - ITST World Tour Finals

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Challenger Tour Ranking



Anyone who played a Challenger can sign up for this tournament. However, when the groups are created only the best 8 of the sign-up list on the Challenger Tour will be considered. There will be 2 reserve players (no. 9 and no. 10 of sign-up list) who will replace one (or two) of the top 8 players if they do not play their matches.

Once the groups have been created you will see the matches you have to play below. Please try to play these matches in the correct order. Once all round-robin matches have been played no. 1 of the red group will play no. 2 of the blue group and vice versa in the semi finals.

Here is some additional info taken straight from the ATP rulebook. These rules will apply to the Challenger Tour Finals as well:

- The field shall be divided into two groups of four players each. The top-seeded player shall be placed in the red group and the second-seed player shall be placed in the blue group. Players seeded three and four, five and six, seven and eight, shall then be drawn in pairs with the first drawn placed in the red group.

- Each player shall play every other player in his group to determine the top two players in each group.

- The final standings of each group shall be determined by the first of the following methods that apply:
a) Greatest number of wins.
b) Greatest number of matches played.
c) Head-to-head results if two players are tied.

Deadlines for this tournament:
Group matches 1+2: 05.12.19 - 07.12.19
Group matches 3+4: 08.12.19 - 10.12.19
Group matches 5+6: 11.12.19 - 13.12.19
Semi-Finals: 14.12.19 - 16.12.19
Final: 17.12.19 - 19.12.19

Points Table & Tournament Information

Rd.-Robin win200pointsTournamentChallenger Tour Finals (96 draw)
Semi Final win+400pointsTypeMen's Singles Pro - ITST World Tour Finals
Final win+500pointsDate04 Dec'20 .. 27 Dec'20
CourtAll Indoor Courts
SurfaceIndoor (TE)
SetsBest of three (6 games per set)






Reserve players:

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