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Miami Open, 22 Mar'21 .. 06 Apr'21
Men's Doubles - ITST World Tour 1000

Played as "Best of 3 Sets" and third set played as "Master Tie-Break"

CPU Partner set at Incredible 5


2012 Not played
2013 Not played
2014 Winner: Michael.D Runner-Up: isaldor
2015 Winner: Juani Runner-Up: Williams S.
2016 Winner: Juani Runner-Up: FEDERER2
2017 Winner: Y_Maybank Runner-Up: BlackFenix
2018 Winner: BlackFenix Runner-Up: Y_Maybank

Points Table & Tournament Information

Winner1000pointsTournamentMiami Open (8 draw)
Runner-up600pointsTypeMen's Doubles - ITST World Tour 1000
Semi Final360pointsDate22 Mar'21 .. 06 Apr'21
Quarter Final180pointsCourtMiami Sony Tennis Open
Round 15pointSurfaceCement (TE)
SetsBest of three (6 games per set)


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